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Welcome to the home of EM Bouncebacks 

Mike Weinstock is the author of EM Bouncebacks.

The goal of the Bouncebacks series is to improve patient safety. Using a case-based format, we show the actual documentation of an emergency encounter, analyze it from a risk management and patient safety perspective, then reveal the return visit (bounceback) diagnosis. Finally, there is a referenced discussion of the chief complaint and final diagnosis by national emergency medicine experts. Check out links above to more info from the 4 Bouncebacks! books!

Monthly National Book Club

Welcome to Emergency Medicine's first monthly book club! We will progress through the Bouncebacks! Critical Care book, chapter by chapter on the first Monday of each month from 8P-9P EST. On October 3rd, 2022 we will discuss chapter 8 - A 78-year-old man with ESRD and SOB. All info will be presented at the conference and there is no need to buy the book. Join panelists Brit Long (EM), Kevin Pargeter (nephrology), Patrick Sylvester (EM/IM), Cody McCoy (IM) and moderator Michael Weinstock as we explore patient safety and legal issues with the initial visit... then put YOU in the footsteps of the physician on the return visit with multiple decision points during the resuscitation and a literature based discussion of 'excellence in care'! Oh, and you get 1 hours of free CME to boot... So grab a cold beverage and let's get to it!!

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Watch past book clubs:

Video of Ch. 2 book club 12/6/21

Video of Ch. 3 1/3/22-missing first 10 min

Video of Ch. 4 2/7/22

Video of Ch. 5 (starts 9 min in) 3/7/22

On this site, you can learn more about the cases:

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The Books: Bouncebacks!

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Bouncebacks: Critical Care


In this fourth book in the Bouncebacks! series, we employ a fresh approach by focusing on the bounceback visit of 30 cases by putting the reader in the footsteps of the clinician as the patient deteriorates.


The story pauses at important decision points as possible management strategies are considered in a literature based fashion, followed by a revelation of the path chosen by the actual provider and the subsequent patient outcome. Expert whisperers, including 7 all star section editors and critical care expert Scott Weingart provide context and commentary along the way... buckle up for the ride!


Bouncebacks! Pediatrics

Bouncebacks! Pediatrics includes 28 cases of children who were sent home from the emergency department, only to bounceback with a life-threatening or life-ending illness. Written by the physicians who actually cared for these patients, this volume is an important tool to improve the medical care of the most vulnerable in our society.


Bouncebacks! Medical and Legal 

The format of of Bouncebacks! Medical and Legal is modeled on the TV show ‘Law and Order’; each case starts with a patient’s story then progresses to the plaintiff attorney’s desk. This book is not bathroom reading; it is ten cases formatted to suck you into the personal experience of both the doctor and patient. As a lengthy litigation process is compressed into a single chapter, we want you to feel empathetic, indignant, scared, and humbled. These are not only 10 thought-provoking medical cases, they are amazing stories.

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Bouncebacks! (The Original)

The format of Bouncebacks! (the original) is focused on the medical; 31 cases are presented with subsequent commentary by the colorful Greg Henry. After the bounceback visit(s) are revealed, national experts discuss the presenting complaint and the final diagnosis, all in the context of the case presented. This is the 10 year 'anniversary' edition with updated text, references, and a bonus chapter. It is a page turning medical who-dun-it!

Testimonials for Bouncebacks!

With four books and 99 total cases, Bouncebacks! has received praise and reviews from many medical professionals.

Within each book is a list of all reviews and testimonials left by reviewers.