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Bouncebacks! Critical Care

In this fourth book in the Bouncebacks! series, we employ a fresh approach by focusing on the bounceback visit, putting the reader in the footsteps of the clinician as the patient deteriorates.


The story pauses at important decision points as possible management strategies are considered in a literature based fashion, followed by a revelation of the path chosen by the actual provider and the subsequent patient outcome. Expert whisperers, including 7 all star section editors and critical care expert Scott Weingart provide context and commentary along the way... buckle up for the ride!

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Bouncebacks Critical Care: Testimonials

I have always disagreed with how morbidity and mortality conferences are run; they are  retrospective and an unfair dissection of patient cases which resulted in poor outcomes. This  book takes a more unique, prospective, and realistic approach in a "talk-aloud" process that  helps readers understand what was and what should have been in the mind of the clinician  during these critical care encounters. 

Michelle Lin, MD 

ALiEM Founder and CEO 

Professor and Digital Innovation Lab Director 

Department of Emergency Medicine 

University of California, San Francisco

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